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Join our masterclasses to learn how to quickly write your non-fiction book and become an author-entrepreneur. Learn the secrets to publish on a budget, market and monetize your book and retire right.  Attend our online classes or a live Authorpreneurship bootcamp. Contact us here to learn more...

Author Services Provider

We specialize in helping Non-Fiction Indie Authors and Self-Publishers to transform their manuscripts into a beautifully formatted paperback and ebook without the stress, exorbitance and confusion. You retain all rights, ownership and 100% royalties for your book.  Contact us here to learn more...

Authoring Non-Fiction Books

Want to write your book but don't know where to start? We have a rocket-writing program which helps you to write a small non-fiction book in 24 hours, a weekend or 30 days. Write your non-fiction book of 15,000 - 30,000 words and jump-start or boost your ministry, career or business and retirement dreams today. Contact us here to learn more...

Author Services Rates...

The place of choice for Indie Authors in the Caribbean and the Disapora to make your publishing dreams a reality...Where speed meets excellent quality without breaking the bank. We help to remove the barriers to entry in publishing for Caribbean authors to publish successfully on a global scale.

The Small Book Full Service Publishing Package US$700 - 1300

Get the professional help you need to publish a small non-fiction print and ebook (10,000 - 30,000 words) without the stress and the exorbitance.

You will get a professionally formatted paperback and ebook that will be distributed via Amazon, Draft 2 Digital and other digital platforms for global distribution, reach and access. We help you set up and manage your own KDP account so you can print your books affordably and track your sales.

For an additional fee, we help you to promote, market and monetize your book so you can quickly recover your publishing expenses within 3-6 months publishing and launching your book.

We help you to quickly get a good return on your investment and set up systems for sustainable income in your retirement years. Contact us here to learn more.

Individual Author Services & Rates

Get the professional services you need to publish your best-selling and best-earning non-fiction books. We work with an international team of freelancers, some of whom have worked in the traditional publishing industry to get your book professionally done. All have been properly vetted to ensure they produce quality work at competitive rates. Contact us here to learn more and place your order.


Client Testimonial

TEDDY JONES - Author, "Let's Major in the Minors"

"High praise and appreciation go out to Cameka “Ruth” Taylor for her assistance in getting my first book published. This praise has been codified by its inclusion in the acknowledgements section of the book. It was extremely comforting working with Ms. Taylor and her team. The fears and anxiety were erased as they expertly guided me each step of the way. My dream of publishing was aided towards reality through the editing advice and layout services, and guidance on how to submit to Amazon’s KDP. The layout team was excellent and worked with me every step of the way. I would recommend this team to Indie Authors because success leaves clues. They are serious about helping Indie Authors succeed and willing to go the extra mile.”

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