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Authorpreneur Secrets Academy

Want to write a book but don't know how or where to start?

Learn the secrets to write fast [from Desire to Done in 24 hours] with our Rocket-Writing program.

Discover the secrets to publish on a budget, make a living with your writing and leverage books for greater effectiveness.

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Author Services Provider

We specialize in writing and publishing small Non-Fiction books fast.

We help Indie authors to write and transform their manuscripts into a beautifully formatted paperback and ebook without the stress, exorbitance and confusion.

Authors retain their rights, ownership and 100% royalties for their books.

If you have no money, don't worry we have a special plan just you.

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Your book is not just a book but a PLATFORM and an ASSET/TOOL which can be transformed into multiple products and services and create opportunities for greater impact and income.

Through Authorpreneurship, the process of leveraging your book to create profitable products and services, we help you to create multiple streams of income from your book and increase your impact.

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Writing & Publishing Packages...

We remove the barriers to publishing for Caribbean authors to publish successfully on a global scale. Contact us to learn more about our Rocket-Writing and Full-Service Publishing Packages.


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