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We help Indie authors, leaders, educators and non-profit organizations in the Caribbean, its Diaspora and other Developing countries to transform lives and cultures through authorship and Authorpreneurship.

Introducing EMI

EMI is an online, book-centered business for transformation that provides coaching, training and publishing support services to Independent authors. We help you win with books and win at life. We go the extra mile to help you to write, publish and leverage books to achieve your mission and vision; launch, build or scale your business, ministry/organization and create sustainable income for your retirement years. EMI's Proprietor is Cameka "Ruth" Taylor.

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What if your dream of writing a book could be fulfilled in 24 hours or a weekend?

Writing a book is often a daunting process.  In the Rocket-Writer, Jamaican Authorpreneur and Amazon bestselling author, C. Ruth Taylor shares her proven strategies to move from “desire to done” in 24 hours.

In this book you will discover:

  • The process that enabled her to write 20 manuscripts in one year.

It’s time to stop procrastinating. Someone’s deliverance/destiny is tied to your book.  

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We activate you for greater with books.

Your book is not just a book, but a PLATFORM and an ASSET/TOOL which can be transformed into multiple products and services to create opportunities for greater impact and income.

In our Authorpreneurship Academy, we teach you how to write your non-fiction book fast, publish without breaking the bank, and how to leverage your book for all its worth.

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Dr. Clara Ricketts

Author & Educator

“The cost was affordable. The delivery of service was timely. .. I received counselling on marketing strategies, and how to make the book work for me…My book became a bestseller on Amazon. It has opened doors for me to impact the target population of teachers, parents, and students at national and regional levels. Thank you EMI!!”

Dr. Delano Palmer

Author & Educator

“EMI is a breath of fresh air —an unmistakable God-send. For me, it is one of the indicators that the Caribbean is coming of age, through the production of literature that is uplifting and edifying.”

Rev. Teddy Jones

Author & Christian Leader

“High praise and appreciation go out to Cameka “Ruth” Taylor for her assistance in getting my first book published. It was extremely comforting working with Ms. Taylor and her team. The fears and anxiety were erased as they expertly guided me each step of the way. The layout team was excellent and worked with me every step of the way. They are serious about helping Indie Authors succeed and willing to go the extra mile.”

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Join the Indie publishing revolution. Write fast, publish affordably and leverage your book for maximum impact and income. Leave a legacy to transform lives for generations.

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