Keys to Personal Transformation Part 3 of 7

No Pain, No Progress

I’m really excited about this transformation series and learning keys to transformation from Jamaica’s sporting icon, the Honorable Usain St. Leo Bolt. The lessons today will be life changing!

Yesterday, we saw that a key part of Bolt’s personal transformation came as a result of a critical decision to be coached by Glen Mills. The point of view of Glen Mills has really helped me to understand the keys to personal transformation and it will help you too. However, before I share insights from Mills, let me ask you two key questions as you go on your journey or continue your personal transformation journey.

• Are you aware of the areas in your life that need transformation?
• Are you willing to pay the price to see transformation in those areas?

If you cannot answer those two questions affirmatively, then you are not ready for change.

Mills explains in the documentary The Fastest Man Alive (YouTube) that when Bolt came to him, that he had been suffering from physical and mental weakness. He was recovering from a torn hamstring and had overall body weakness. He was young and inexperienced and did not quite understand what it meant to be a professional athlete. However, Bolt was determined to do well. There were a number of things that Mills had to point out to him especially about his dedication to training, application and following up on the little details. Mills’s focus was on building strength and speed. He taught Bolt how to compete and not be intimidated by other athletes.

Mills is a master coach and I am learning so much from what he has shared. In essence, he has given us the keys to success as well as a wisdom key -“All skills are learnable.” Bolt had to learn in order to change, and if he could learn and change, so can you! Mills says that Usain was teachable and enthusiastic; that Bolt has some special qualities that work well for him – the ability to focus almost instantly and to quickly understand and assimilate coaching instructions. Bolt, he says, is a fast learner and although he is not a workaholic he will put in the work required. Bolt had to learn to put aside his love for partying to do the work required to win.

This work is rigid, sometimes 1 and half hours in training 3 times a week or more depending on the need over a period of 9 months. The training is so gruelling that his father cannot watch. Bolt says it feels like he is dying in training, and sometimes he does not want to go but he has to. That’s the price of success and the price of transformation. In a word it’s called – Self-discipline – the ability to make yourself do what you need to do whether you feel like it or not.

No pain…no progress is my mantra these days! The work is behind the scenes and what we see in competition is really the easy part. Many people fail to realize that says Usain Bolt. It’s sacrifice day in and day out! Thus for the sake of not writing too much more, let me give you in a nutshell our third key for personal transformation.

It is being self-aware, seeking assistance and being self-disciplined.

When you know what your weaknesses are and have a vision of transformation, the next step is to seek help to get to the next level and then pay the price of discipline and hard work to experience that transformation.

Questions for Reflection

• Are you aware of the areas in your life that need transformation?
• Whose help do you need to address those areas?
• Are you willing to pay the price to fix those areas so you can be transformed?

For things to change, you have to change! No pain, no progress!


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