Keys to Personal Transformation Part 4 of 7

I’m super-excited about today’s key.

Strategy is better than strength – African Proverb

Yesterday, we saw how crucial self-awareness, self-discipline and coaching are to personal transformation. One of the benefits of self-awareness is that it propels you to be more purposeful and proactive, and every time I watch the documentary “The Fastest Man Alive” (YouTube) featuring Usain St. Leo Bolt, I am struck by  the importance of strategic thinking and planning. I have watched it repeatedly and I am somewhat awestruck by Bolt’s personal transformation. I am also very challenged to rise to the next level in my own journey of personal transformation.

What we saw in Beijing China in 2008 was the culmination of a strategic plan that unfolded over four years. I get excited when I talk about strategic planning. You see my friends, we must Design to Win! This is why I have a Facebook group and course called Design to Win. Success is never accidental. It is intentional and strategic. It is the same with personal transformation. This therefore begs several questions, which I will now pose to you for reflection.

Questions for Reflection

– Having identified from yesterday, the area (s) of your life for personal transformation, what’s your plan? What is your strategy to get there?

– Will you hire a coach? Will you study? Will you change your mental and physical diet?

– What will be your transformation regime or training regime?

– What will you do 1 and half hours, three times per week to see the desired change?

Success expert and Mr. Self-development himself, Earl Nightingale says if you invest 1 hour, five days a week studying or practising in your field, that you will lead the field. 1 hour of reading, for example, 5 days a week in the area of your passion will make you an expert in 5-7 years. Malcolm Gladwell concurs in his book “Outliers” in which he posits from his study of outstanding persons across many fields, that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become outstanding, which is just about the same time.

Therefore, I ask again, what is going to be your strategy for personal transformation now that you have a vision for transformation in a particular area (s) of your life?

I will close with a quote from a phenomenal Caribbean success expert, that has infused me with even greater passion for designing to win.

“To plan without acting is futile but to act without planning is fatal” – Myles Munroe.

A Prayer for You by Reinhold Niebuhr

May God grant you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference


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