Keys to Personal Transformation Part 7 of 7

The wine-skin has its reasons for smelling of pitch – Portuguese Proverb

Our series ends today with the two final keys. Have you been inspired? Read, like, comment and share.

Keys #6 Right Environment and Right Associations

At the age of 17 after Usain Bolt had begun to display some athletic prowess at the Girls and Boys Championships, many scholarship offers came from overseas. His father, having studied the progress of athletes who had migrated, chose not to send him overseas. He believed if he had done that, his son would have been lost in the system. Bolt too had some concerns. He was very close to his mother and had never been away from his family for very long and as such he did not want to be too far away from home. Thus, the decision was then made to send him to Kingston for further development and growth. This change caused some concern but it was more manageable.

Bolt and his parents knew that being in the right environment is crucial if one is to thrive and do well. Bolt could not have become a sprinting star had he remained in his home town of Sherwood Content in Trelawny, and had he not aligned himself with Glen Mills, he might not have become what he is today.

Friends, I hope we take careful note here. Some environments are not conducive to your growth and transformation and therefore you need to go where there are opportunities to thrive and grow. If you are to achieve transformation in different areas of your life, you to need to assess where you are, and seek out the right associations and environment to facilitate your transformation. This may mean like Usain leaving home and that which is familiar. It may mean leaving a job and disassociation from certain friends and family members. This key is of utmost importance because you become like the people you most associate with, and you will become a reflection of your environment.

Key #7 – Believe It’s Worth It! Be Patient and Persevere

Dripping water eventually wears away stone – Chinese Proverb

I hope you have been inspired to change from this series and if you are still reticent regarding change, may this final key propel you into action. May you find a reason to change and see why personal transformation is worthwhile. If Bolt and his parents did not feel that the rewards of change were worthwhile, I do not believe they would have made the decisions they did. If Bolt did not believe that it was worth it, I doubt he would have delayed his pleasures and trained as hard as he did. This therefore begs several pertinent questions:

– What are your reasons for transformation?
– What are the rewards that you are hoping for?
– Will the price of transformation be worth it?
– And what if it takes years to see the results, will you persevere?
-What if you experience setbacks? Will you persevere?

You have to believe that your change is worth it. Therefore, keep your eyes on the rewards of transformation as you take steps to transform yourself financially, mentally, emotionally etc. When the reward is compelling, you will pay the price.

Finally be patient! It took Usain at least five years to see real fruit. Depending on the change you seek, it will take longer. As a matter of fact, it took 21 years before he attained something really phenomenal in Beijing China! He persevered through injuries, self-doubt, criticism, setbacks and the pain of training to become what he is today because he believed it was worth it. It took time but it was worth it!

Questions for Reflection

• Do you believe the changes you seek are worthwhile?
• Is personal transformation worth the price you will have to pay?
• What are your reasons for seeking to be transformed?

When you know the prize, you will pay the price. Thanks for joining me in this series. I’ve included an infographic today to remind you of all the keys we have shared. Now go and be transformed!


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