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When the music changes, so does the dance – African Proverb

Blogging Changes

Friends, I’m changing gears. It has become a little challenging to create weekly videos and a written blog. Consequently, I’ll be combining both to create a Vlog on my blog sharing weekly life-winning keys to help you to make progress in your life. These life-winning keys are practical and proven problem-solving keys which have helped me to progress despite the odds, and which have helped others to become successful in life.

I’ll be blogging the summary of the keys and posting a link to the video of that key which has been uploaded to my YouTube channel. All the keys have been captured in my book, “Keys to Win at Life: 100 Ways to Handle Life’s Challenges.”

Win with Clarity

Today’s life-winning key is clarity. See video below for explanation of this key or click the word clarity to access it.

The Importance of Clarity

Progress is impeded when we don’t have a clear sense of what we are trying to achieve or what we have been asked to do or want to do in life. Clarity is knowing or having a clear understanding of what is required. It is foundational to success. Clarity gives one confidence and can prevent losses, embarrassment and failure. Clarity decreases stress levels. Clarity prevents confusion.

This is how you gain clarity: before you begin any task, ask or research what needs to be done. If you have been asked to write an essay, be clear on what the question is asking. If you are seeking a job, be clear on the kind of job you want. If you are being hired, be clear on what you are being hired to do so that you don’t waste time on the job. If you are joining an organization or being given any role, be sure to know what is expected of you. This is how you gain clarity which is a vital ingredient to win at life. In every case as much as possible seek clarity before you do anything.

Real Life Application

I was asked to do a series of teachings on Discipleship at a church for a week along with another teacher. To ensure we understood what we were required to do, we met with the church leader, asked him about his vision and his expectations, after which, we were able to draft a time-table for the week with
the topics each teacher would cover. At the end of the meeting, I knew exactly what I needed to do. Our efforts to seek clarity made teaching so much easier.

Key Proverb

Only a fool tests the depth of water with both feet. —African Proverb

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Taa for now until next time! Go forth and win gold in the race of life!


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Cameka "Ruth" Taylor is a Jamaican Authorpreneur, podcaster, trained educator and Amazon bestselling author of over 25 books. She helps transformational leaders and Indie authors to write non-fiction books which they can leverage to increase their impact and income. Ruth is a doctoral candidate for the degree in Transformational Leadership at Bakke Graduate University. She is CEO and founder of Extra MILE Innovators Limited (T/As BambuSparks) and the Authorpreneur Secrets Academy. Ruth is also an international speaker with more than 18 years of experience. She has spoken in at least 14 countries in Jamaica, other countries in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa.

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