What To Do When Thinking of Trying a New Job or Career

Stepping Stone


Is your job just a stepping stone? Are you thinking of changing jobs completely?

Everyone has had doubts about their career at some point or another. You might be working too many hours and feel worn out. You might not feel challenged and wonder how to change it. Or you might just feel like the career you’re in doesn’t feed your passion.

That’s OK: That happens to more of us than we probably realize. But doing something impulsive—like quitting—probably isn’t in the cards. There are bills to pay and people who depend on you. So what can you do if those doubts just simply won’t go away and you really do want to change careers?

Kathryn Casna, a digital marketing and travel writer, has written a brilliant article on what to do when changing jobs completely. I’m inviting you to check it out by visiting the link below. The graphic in this blog is from that article.  For more details do read the article!

Changing Jobs Tips – What to DO When Changing Jobs Completely

Practical Tips

Well, for starters you can plan. You can talk to people who did the same thing, or talk to people who are doing what you want to do. What worked for them, and what pitfalls did they face? What else can you do to transition to a new career?  Another thing you can try is  moonlighting.

Read Kathryn’s article to learn more about moonlighting and other tips before you take your next step. You will be glad you did! See the link below.

What to DO When Changing Jobs Completely



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