WHEN THE JULIE MANGO TALKS: Vision, Value and Patience

The Mango Giveaway

“I don’t want to see another mango,” I exclaimed! Over the summer holidays we had so many mangoes that I had to announce a public give away on Facebook. Now that the season is almost over, I am relieved but I am also grateful. I am grateful for the lessons learnt in the mango season. I have learnt lessons on value, vision and patience.

Benefits of Mangoes

 What is your favourite mango? Is it Julie, Stringy, Number 11 or the special  East Indian variety? This popular, delightful fruit comes in many sizes, shapes and brands. Mango is known as the “King of fruits” and the fruit of passion, the love fruit. Mangoes are related to cashew and pistachios. Mangoes are  nutritionally rich and provide 100% of your vitamin C and 12% of your daily fibre.

Despite my outburst, I do love mangoes and I have two Julie trees in my backyard that bear twice per year. Usually the summer is especially fun for me because I get to be in mango heaven right in my backyard. But lately, I have been seeing mangoes in a whole different light. They have been teaching me life lessons, three of which I’d like to share with you to inspire you to reach your God-given goals and dreams.

 1: You are more valuable than you think.

When you look at a mango, what do you see? Many of us merely see a delightful, juicy and succulent fruit.  However, an entrepreneur may see millions or thousands of dollars. “How?” You may ask. Well, while many persons merely see a fruit to be eaten, the entrepreneur sees multiple possibilities and products for sale. Mangoes can be used in salads, drinks and a whole host of other products. An entrepreneur looking at a mango may see a drink/juice company and various outlets and franchises around the world. This is just one example but I am sure you get the point. How valuable are you? What abilities do you possess that you are not using or seeing?  You are more valuable than you think. I pray you get a vision of your true value today!

2: Transformation is a process. Be patient with yourself.

As I considered the Julie mango and the process of it becoming a fruitful tree, I realized that transformation is a process. Even with the picture of the end in mind, a vision of what the mango can become, I realize that it will take time to produce products that will eventually sell for thousands of dollars.  Even from a mere developmental point of view, the mango seed does not become a tree overnight. It took years to develop and become the strong fruitful tree that it is today. As you pursue your vision of a business, educational goal or other dreams, be patient with your vision. The bigger the building, the deeper the foundation and the more time it takes to build. Exercise patience and believe that though the vision tarries, it will come to pass.

3:  Don’t give up on your dream when it seems nothing is happening.

Your vision is always for an appointed time or season in the future. My Julie trees do not bear all year round. There is a time and season for your vision to materialize. Wait for it and keep developing yourself. Don’t give up. One day you will see the fruit. One day your hard work will pay off.

What is the mango fruit saying to you?

Am I the only one mangoes are talking to this summer?

For more inspirational lessons from trees and fruits, purchase my book, “When Trees Talk” on Amazon or sign up for a Free PDF version in the action box below this article.  Look out for more tree talks in the upcoming months.

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