Free Kindle Book Giveaway of “Design to Win Road Map” – October 9-12, 2018


As part of my Design to Win book tour, I am giving away for 3 days a Kindle copy of my 4th book, “Design to Win Road Map” and kindly asking for a review on Amazon.

How to Download
Sign up for an Amazon account using Google search and download the Kindle app to your smart device or computer. It is free. For Amazon account, you will need a Visa Debit card or a credit card. If using smart device, search for Kindle app in Google Play Store and download.
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The regular price of the book is US$9.99 but it will be US$0.00 on October 10-12 until midnight October 12th. See link below to download

Kindle – Design to Win Road Map Download 


Design to Win Road Map

How to Write a Review

You don’t need to read all of the book to review. The book is divided into 3 parts. The chapters are very short. Read the following:

All of Part 1 including Introduction and Foreword pg. 1-36
Part 2: Chapters 6-9 pg. 37 -96
Part 3- Browse through
Give the book a rating (1-5 stars).

Your review should be at least 3 sentences. Let the following questions guide you:

1. What is the book about? What have you learnt from the book? List 1-3 things.
2. How useful is this book? Say how it has benefited you and how it could help others. Tell why you would recommend it or not recommend it and to whom.

About the Book

The book is a life and career compass which will empower young people 16-34 years to win in their personal lives and careers. It helps them to figure out and plan their next steps post high/school or university regarding their lives and careers. It teaches them how to set goals, discover their purpose, create an action plan and teaches them some life skills such as how to manage money, deal with debt, build wealth, how to manage time, deal with rejection and failure or setbacks, how to find their ideal job etc.

The book is practical and has practice exercises, illustrations and a survey. It can be used for Career Guidance, mentoring, coaching, personal development and the like. It also comes with a free coaching guide which can be downloaded from my website

Spread the Word, Share the Gift

· Remember the dates! – Tuesday – Friday October 9-12, 2018

· Spread the word!

· Get your copy!

· Write a review!

See video links about the book and my radio interview about the book and the tour

Design to Win Book FYI 1

Design to Win Radio Interview

Design to Win Book Giveaway FYI

I greatly appreciate your reviews because this will help others to purchase the book.


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