The Design to Win Podcast

The Design to Win Podcast is all about authorpreneur secrets and keys to help you to win in your life and career. It is aired weekly on YouTube on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


See links below to the different episodes and authorpreneur stories.

Episode #1: How I Became an Authorpreneur

Episode #2: 10 Tips to Bring Your Plan to Life

Episode #03: 5 Reasons You Should Write it Down. Pen it to Win

Episode #04: FAQs #1:Who is An Indie? 

Episode #05: Are You Really Ready to Publish. Your Pre-Publishing Checklist

Episode #06: 7 Secrets to Publish Your Book in 14-30 Days

Episode #07: 7 Secrets to Write a Book in 30 Days

Episode #08: 7 Secrets to Publish Affordably

Episode #09: Great Achievements, Small Beginnings

Episode #10: Run Your Own Race to Win

Episode #11: How to Make Your Life Count

Episode #12: How to Publish a Book for $150 – Authorprenuer Stories#1

Episode #13 – How to Confidently Write Your Book

Episode #14- How to Overcome the Fear of Putting Your Work Out There


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