Likkle but tallawah – Jamaican Proverb

In Jamaica, the proverb likkle but tallawah means small but great. Small books can be great and powerful tools to equip you to discover your unique purpose and run the extra mile. Short books can be powerful and effective.

One of the most famous small books is the book of Ruth in the Bible. It has only four chapters but has been said to be one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written. This short book has just a little over 2000 words in the original Hebrew language but continues to inspire generations for over 2000 years.

Ruth has become my favourite book in the Bible. It is symbolic and instructive regarding my God-given Mission and Purpose (MAP) in life. This book is my life MAP. Hence the adoption of the author pen name Ruth and my subsequent quest to study this book, to live it and become it.

Recently, I penned a small book titled Shaped for Purpose and published one for a client titled Power Up. The feedback thus far has been powerful. Small books can help us to run the extra mile by providing instantly the Motivation, Inspiration, Liberation, and Empowerment (MILE) we need to win at life now and for all eternity.

By small, I mean between 10,000 and 30,000 words. The short book of Ruth has inspired a new publishing model for me to teach Caribbean people and others how to write fast, short, affordable and yet powerful non-fiction books to transform lives.

The book of Ruth is now inspiring a new generation of Indie Authors from across the Caribbean and other Developing countries to fulfil their dream of writing, to impact lives and generate multiple streams of income from short books.

Most importantly, the book of Ruth is inspiring new generations of people to exalt God, expand His Kingdom and empower others globally to win at life.

Small does not mean ineffective. Fast does not mean inferior quality. You don’t need to take 10 years to write a big, perfect book. You can write a small Ruth-like, powerful and life-transforming book.

Therefore, I beseech you: write short and small non-fiction books. Someone’s destiny is tied to your book. Someone’s deliverance is tied to your book. Someone’s healing is tied to your book.  Don’t keep them waiting! Write it Now!


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