Hungry mek monkey blow fire —Jamaican Proverb

Can you self-publish a book for less than US$300? Since 2016, I have been helping Indie authors to publish their books on a budget. The first author I helped to do this was a retiree who published a small print and ebook of 15,000 words for about US$150.

Click the link below to watch the story on YouTube.

Retiree Publishing Case Study 

Her feat was repeated by a younger author in 2018, and not to be outdone, I published my 23,000 –word book for (US$32.00). This was after spending over US$5000 the first time around.

Publishing independently can be quite a costly venture but those costs can be reduced by publishing a small book. This is one of my 7 Secrets to Publishing on a Budget.

I call these Ruth-like books, mirroring my name and the small yet powerful book of Ruth in the Bible. A small book is between 10,000 and 25,000 words. Between 10K and 15K is ideal.

These are usually non-fiction how-to, memoirs, devotionals, poetry, manuals or inspirational books. To find out more about the power of a small book, click the link below to read a blog post about it.

The Power of a Small Book

Free Publishing on a Budget (POB) Facebook Live Masterclass

Now, for the first time, I will be offering a FREE Publish on a Budget Live Masterclass exclusively in my Indie Authorpreneurs Facebook group. This masterclass begins at 6p.m., September 1-5, 2019.

This is part of my quest to activate more persons for greater through authorship. It is also part of a 90-day Publish on a Budget Challenge to help Indie authors to publish a winning small book for US$150-300.00

Click the link below to request to join the group and share this blog post with a friend who wants to become an author or has a manuscript ready but no money to publish.

Indie Authorpreneurs FB Group

When you join the group, you will get our 1-page Secrets to Publishing on a Budget checklist.

See you in class!



About Ruth Taylor

Cameka "Ruth" Taylor is a Jamaican Authorpreneur, podcaster, trained educator and Amazon bestselling author of over 25 books. She helps transformational leaders and Indie authors to write non-fiction books which they can leverage to increase their impact and income. Ruth is a doctoral candidate for the degree in Transformational Leadership at Bakke Graduate University. She is CEO and founder of Extra MILE Innovators Limited (T/As BambuSparks) and the Authorpreneur Secrets Academy. Ruth is also an international speaker with more than 18 years of experience. She has spoken in at least 14 countries in Jamaica, other countries in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa.

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