Take Charge of Your Publishing

Take Charge of Your Publishing

Several months ago, I announced to my clients and my Indie Authorpreneurs group that I am making a shift in operations. Extra MILE Innovators will no longer be publishing for clients in the near future. I know some persons were a bit disappointed, but the reality is, if you are going to publish affordably as an Indie Publisher, you must take charge of your publishing.

Furthermore, if you plan to publish as many books as I do, outsourcing to a “publisher” for US$1000 -12,000 each time will be costly over time.

By taking charge of my publishing, I was able to publish my last 16 books for less than US$5000.00 when my first book alone cost more than US$5000.

So, let’s talk about how to take charge of your publishing.

How to Take Charge of Your Publishing

Firstly, managing your publishing like I have, does not mean you do it all yourself. For most of my publishing journey, I merely partnered with competent editors, cover designers, formatters and an author service provider to get my books published for less than US$1000.

This is exactly what a publishing company does. They have their own team of editors, graphic designers, proofreaders, formatters etc. The difference is their expertise, knowledge and experience in the publishing industry. You can do the same thing with some guidance.

This is now where I can be of greater assistance than actually publishing for clients. I can provide the guidance you need with either courses, individual coaching sessions or an affordable coaching/consulting program to ensure you publish a professional book and not compromise quality.

So, call me your non-fiction author coach, if you will. I believe this is how God is leading me to accomplish the goal of helping 10,000 Caribbean authors to write and publish their non-fiction books affordably by 2023, without doing it for them.

First Solution: A Simple One-Hour Course to Get Started

To start you off in understanding the publishing process, I created a course, “Secrets to Publish on Budget” for US$19.99 on Udemy. It breaks down the publishing process step by step and shows how to keep costs below US$500.00 for a small non-fiction book.

You could purchase that as a good place to begin. If that is not enough, and you need 1:1 guidance, then I can offer you a coaching package.

Secrets to Taking Charge of Your Publishing

1. **Learn the publishing process.** The course breaks this down nicely.

2. Outsource the parts to competent freelancers [editors, formatters, cover designers, proofreaders] at affordable rates. I can provide referrals.

3. Set up your Beta reading group to proofread your work. This can be 3-10 persons or more. Some authors have up to 2000 persons on their team.

4. Get Your Own ISBN. I can guide you in this.

5. Upload your book to Amazon. Set up your KDP account which in a sense makes you an independent publisher, and gives you access to print affordably and distribute your books worldwide.

6. Get guidance, either from an experienced published author, a publishing community or a publishing coach like myself to ensure the quality of the publication.

Now, if you still want to outsource to a “publisher” to do it all for you, that is okay. Many persons even when they know what to do, do not have the time for all of this work. Therefore, it suits them well to outsource to a one-stop shop.

But my audience is primarily persons with a publishing dream on a limited budget. I do not want you to deprive the world of the life-transforming content of your book because you can’t afford to pay to publish.

So, I trust this has peaked your interest and you will rise to the challenge. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section. Share this article with an aspiring or published author who might need it.

Cheers to the winning you!