How She Published a Book for US$150 – Case Study

How One Retiree Significantly Reduced Her Publishing Costs

In 2016, I guided Dr. Jean Lee in publishing her book, “God Has My Back, He has Yours Too!” She gave me permission to share her story and I believe it will help you, especially if the cost of publishing a book is preventing you from publishing your book. Her story will also help you reduce your publishing costs in the future.

Dr. Lee is a retired lecturer and language specialist. She is an excellent editor and quite good with the English language. Her manuscript was a small one, approximately 15,000 words. I provided guidance in the publishing process (free of cost) and directed her to an author services provider to take care of certain parts of the publishing process. She had direct communication with them, and when there was a need for clarity, I would step in.

 Lee studied the publishing process as much as she could. She converted her document to manuscript format, did her own product proofing and editing. Some of her colleagues helped with the structural review. I assisted her with purchasing her ISBN, and she got a family member to assist with her cover design and photography.

 The only thing she outsourced was the layout and the cover for refining to build on the concept her niece had already started. Finally, I helped her to get her print book and E-book on Amazon. To print, Lee brokered a deal with my local printer.

Ordinarily, such a process would have costed her at least US$1000, and in some companies like the Self-Publishing School with Chandler Bolt, the starting price would have been US$6000.00!

7 Secrets to Publish Cost-Effectively

From Dr. Lee’s case study, we can identify the secrets to publishing on a budget:


1.                Freebies


2.               Affordable Outsourcing


3.               Doing some parts yourself


4.               Understanding the publishing process


5.               Publishing a small book


6.               Getting publishing guidance


7.                Not taking a publishing package/managing your publishing process.


How You Can Do It Too

Now, if you think this was a fluke, Dr. Lee published two more books following the same method. Although her publishing expenses increased, it did not surpass US$1000. She outsourced the editing, layout, and cover design. One of those books, “COME: A 30-Day Devotional” made it to the Amazon bestseller list for one of its categories.

Since doing this process with Dr. Lee, I have helped several other authors to do likewise through my Authorpreneur Secret$ Academy (ASA). Of course, these authors pay a guidance fee but it is at a much reduced cost. Through ASA, we teach you how to publish cost-effectively for less than US$1000, and get the guidance you need to write, publish, and leverage books for maximum impact and income. The problem is ASA only opens in January and June each year.

So, how else could you get the training and guidance to reduce your publishing costs like Dr. Lee?

I’ve got good news for you. You can do so by attending BambuSparks’ Publishing Made Easy Bootcamp and Certification program.

The first Live in-person bootcamp will be held in Jamaica, on March 19, 2022. This is part of a 90-Day Publishing Coach Certification program, where you get the guidance to publish your books or start your own publishing business in 90 days. In the future, there will be Virtual Bootcamps.

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I trust that this case study will help you realize that your dream of publishing is possible. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save or create an additional income stream with this training.

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Cameka "Ruth" Taylor is a Jamaican Authorpreneur, podcaster, trained educator and Amazon bestselling author of over 25 books. She helps transformational leaders and Indie authors to write non-fiction books which they can leverage to increase their impact and income. Ruth is a doctoral candidate for the degree in Transformational Leadership at Bakke Graduate University. She is CEO and founder of Extra MILE Innovators Limited (T/As BambuSparks) and the Authorpreneur Secrets Academy. Ruth is also an international speaker with more than 18 years of experience. She has spoken in at least 14 countries in Jamaica, other countries in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa.

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