About EMI

Our Story

 Extra MILE Innovators is a book-centered business for transformation led by Jamaican Authorpreneur, Cameka “Ruth” Taylor. We activate transformational leaders and purpose-driven individuals in the Caribbean and the Diaspora for greater transformation and financial freedom through authorship and authorpreneurship.

In the Beginning...

In 2014, Cameka "Ruth" Taylor turned her tragedy [a second broken engagement] into triumph by writing her first book. During that season of heartache, when she felt like giving up, God commissioned her to turn it into glory and go the extra mile. In obedience to that call, in January 2015, she registered Extra MILE Innovators [EMI] as a personal development and book publishing business for transformation in Jamaica. The vision was to write, publish and speak to transform lives, one heart at a time, in Jamaica and around the world, using the tools that transformed her life.

The Authorpreneurship Journey

The First Book

The Transformation Catalyst

Cameka “Ruth” Taylor turned her personal tragedy into a work of transformation when she wrote her first book, “Heartache Queen Unshackled” in 2014. 

The writing process quick and therapeutic, writing almost 68,000 words in 11 days!

This book was later published by Pelican Publishers in Jamaica in January 2015 and launch in March of that same year. 

This book introduced her to the world of Indie publishing and showed her the power of a book to transform lives.

Ruth’s next book, “When Trees Talk” which she published herself in April 2016, became an Amazon bestseller.

Later that year, she published a book for her first client, former Missionary and retired Educator, Dr. Jean Lee, in November 2016.

Note: “Heartache Queen Unshackled” is no longer in print. It has been republished as “Unshackled Queen” and is available on Amazon.

The Design to Win Academy

The Game-Changer

Ruth’s fourth book, “Design to Win Road Map,” published in March 2018, became (and still is) an Amazon bestseller, and a catalyst for her authorpreneurial pursuit.

After realizing that book sales alone were not enough to make a full-time living, Ruth began creating multiple streams of income with this book, starting with her Design to Win coaching program.

This change in the use of books, along with her publishing skills, moved her from being a donor support-dependent missionary, to a financially independent minister and entrepreneur, with a vision to help other missionaries, ministers, students, and purpose-driven individuals and authors to publish affordably and leverage the power of a book for maximum impact and financial independence.

Later that year, this vision gave birth to the Indie Authorpreneurs Facebook group in October 2018.

The Authorpreneur Secrets Academy

Activated for Greater

In February 2019, Ruth released her fifth book, “Authorpreneur Secrets” and with it, began to activate aspiring authors, educators and transformational leaders for greater with non-fiction books.

Authorpreneurs leverage the power of books to create profitable products, services and programs or build a business around their books.

To further the mission, Ruth produced a  greater body of work for transformation by writing 20 books in one year. With this collection of books, and testing over 12 streams of income from a book, in May 2020, she launched another platform for transformation, her Authorpreneur Secrets Academy.

Through the Authorpreneur Secrets Academy we want to raise up 10,000 new authors and empower them to become winning Authorpreneurs by 2025.

Our mission is to see more Caribbean persons write, tell our stories, including God-stories, gain financial freedom and leave a legacy via books to transform lives for generations to the glory of God.

It Only Takes a Spark

The group picture is that of Ruth and her book launch team in 2015, celebrating the publishing of her first book. Ruth never imagined the doors writing a book would open and the lives that would be transformed. Like the Chinese bamboo tree in EMI’s logo, Ruth has taken five years to lay the foundation for the growth of this company. Now in our 5th year, in 2020 and beyond, we are set to grow 90 feet tall and bring transformation to millions of lives globally.

Our Target Audience

We work with transformational leaders, (including pastors and missionaries), purpose-driven individuals, retirees and non-profit organizations in the Caribbean and the Diaspora, to leverage books to multiply their impact and create financial freedom. We also engage in mentoring and personal development training to help youths to thrive early in life and create financial freedom.

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Created in October 2018 by C. Ruth Taylor, this private Facebook community (Indie Authorpreneurs) provides the support aspiring authors need to write their non-fiction books fast, publish and increase their impact and income.

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