About EMI

Our Story

 Extra MILE Innovators is a book-centered business for transformation that provides personal development coaching, training and book publishing support services to help authors, agents of transformation and Non-profits in the Caribbean and the Diaspora to win with books and transform lives for the glory of God.

In the Beginning...

In 2014, Cameka "Ruth" felt commissioned and challenged by God to transform her tragedy [a second broken engagement] into triumph through writing. During that season of heartache, Ruth felt like giving up on life altogether but God commissioned her turn it into glory and go the extra mile. In obedience to that call, in January 2015, she registered Extra MILE Innovators [EMI] as a personal development and book publishing business for transformation in Jamaica. The vision was to write and speak to transform lives, one heart at a time, in Jamaica and around the world, using the tools that transformed her life.

The Authorpreneurship Journey

The First Book

The Publishing Catalyst

When Ruth wrote her first book, the writing process was therapeutic. She was surprised at the speed of her writing. She wrote almost 68,000 words in 11 days!

This book was later published by Pelican Publishers in Jamaica in January 2015. This book, “Heartache Queen Unshackled”  introduced her to the world of publishing and a new gift, the ability to write books fast.

In 2018, Ruth tested the limits of her writing speed and actually wrote 20 manuscripts in one year.  

Note: “Heartache Queen Unshackled” is no longer in print. It has been republished as “Unshackled Queen” and is available on Amazon.

The Second Book

First Amazon Bestseller

Ruth’s second book, “When Trees Talk,” released in April 2016, became an Amazon bestseller. This time, she published it herself with the help of her new publishing partners N. D. Author Services, who helped her to publish on a tight budget without compromising quality. 

This resulted in several persons approaching her for advice in writing and publishing. Subsequently, Ruth helped one of her former lecturers to publish her book, “God Has My Back.”  But she was not quite ready to publish for many others.

The Fourth Book

The Game-Changer

By October 2018, Ruth’s fourth book, “Design to Win Road Map” became an Amazon bestseller.  She also made a decision to use a pen name ,C. Ruth Taylor, for all subsequent publications.

Ruth used Design to Win Road Map to launch her Design to Win Academy and leveraged it to create several profitable products and services, giving her the status of an Authorpreneur.

In October 2018, she became a full-time Authorpreneur, and finally started offering publishing services to Indie Authors as part of her business.

In May 2020, after testing 12/30 ways she discovered to leverage a book to create profitable income streams, Ruth launched her Authorpreneur Secrets Academy. 

Today, she teaches other Indie authors how to write fast, publish on a budget and leverage their books for maximum impact and income, as they seek to transform lives for generations.

It Only Takes a Spark

The group picture is that of Ruth and her book launch team in 2015, celebrating the publishing of her first book. Ruth never imagined the doors writing a book would open and the lives that would be transformed. Like the Chinese bamboo tree in EMI’s logo, Ruth has taken five years to lay the foundation for the growth of this company. Now in our 5th year, we are set to grow 90 feet tall and bring transformation to many lives.


Our Target Audience

Utilizing Ruth’s skills, expertise and experiences and networking with individuals and organizations around the world, EMI mobilizes Indie authors, senior leaders, educators and non-profit organizations to write, publish and leverage books to achieve their mission and vision; launch or scale their business, ministry or organization and create sustainable income. We also engage in mentoring and personal development training and help pre-and early retirees to write and retire right, that is, to make their retirement years happier and fruitful with books.

Join our Indie Authorpreneurs Facebook Group

Ruth also established in October 2018, a private Facebook group, Indie Authorpreneurs to provide Caribbean Indie authors with the resources to win with books. For more information to win with books and win at life, subscribe to C. Ruth Taylor’s  YouTube channel and watch her weekly Design to Win Broadcast on her author page, C. Ruth Taylor on Facebook.