About EMI

The Birth of EMI

The Original EMI Team, March 2015

Turning Tragedy into Truimph

After Cameka “Ruth” Taylor experienced a devastating relational crisis in 2014, she felt commissioned by God to go the extra mile with the “extra time” given to her. This was the birth of Extra MILE Innovators.

In January 2015, Ruth registered EMI as a personal development and book publishing business in Jamaica. Her vision was to write and speak to transform lives, one heart at a time, in Jamaica and around the world, using the tools that transformed her life.

Within a year after her relational crisis (a broken engagement), in March 2015, Ruth published her memoir, “Heartache Queen Unshackled” and has since then published many other books for herself and other Independent Caribbean authors. Two of her books became Amazon bestsellers (When Trees Talk and Design to Win Road Map).

As a Christ Follower, Ruth’s mission in life is to exalt God and empower people to win in this life and the next.

In July 2018, Ruth embraced full-time entrepreneurship and stepped out in faith to become an Authorpreneur. After being pressed by friends she had been helping for free to publish their books, Ruth began offering publishing services to Indie Authors as a viable business.

She forged partnerships with various freelancers and author service providers in Jamaica and internationally, including (N.D. Author Services) to publish books affordably.

Ruth leverages these partnerships, her skills and experiences to help Indie authors with a dream and limited cash to publish their books and teaches them how to become winning author–entrepreneurs (authorpreneurs).

EMI believes that people should live purposeful, productive and profitable lives for the glory of God and the good of humanity. Non-fiction books can help you to transform lives, create sustainable income for your retirement and leave a legacy. 

Check out our blog and join our private Facebook group, Indie Authorpreneurs for support and resources to win with books. 

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Email Ruth at ruthtaylor@extramileja.com  if you need coaching today to transform your life or to write and publish a quality book quickly and efficiently.