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Cameka “Ruth” Taylor is an Authorpreneurship (Author Entrepreneur) specialist and Publishing Coach. She is the best-selling author of 27 books and an international speaker. 

She has spoken in at least 14 countries, empowering people to win in their personal, spiritual and professional lives. Ruth teaches authors how to leverage non-fiction books to transform lives and create sustainable income for their retirement years and to build generational wealth.


“The book breaks down the publishing process in a simple, understandable format with practical tips… even gives you names of websites of service providers required to get your book published…It really is an excellent book. I’m well on my way to publishing my first book as a result of this book.” – Jihan Williams, Author of “Lifting the Weight of Miscarriage.”

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For Aspiring and New Non-Fiction Independent Authors & Publishers to Publish and Win with Books 
  1. What is authorpreneurship?
  2. Is writing a book still a good idea when so many books are already out there?
  3. How do you go from idea to book in 30 days or less?
  4. How do you start writing a book from scratch?
  5. How do you overcome the fear of writing?
  6. How can you self-publish without breaking the bank?
  7. After publishing, what’s next?
  8. How do you market and sell books?
  9. How do you create multiple income streams from your book?
  10. How can you profit from your book beyond book sales?

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