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Authorpreneur Secret$ 101:
How to Write Fast, Publish on a Budget, and Profit from Your Book Beyond Book Sales

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The ultimate guide to writing and profiting from your book
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Write. Publish. Leverage.

Course Overview

The course is divided into five (5) modules to cover writing, publishing, marketing, monetization and authorpreneurship.

Along with the audio lessons is the textbook and some course notes, inclusive of checklists and worksheets, designed to help you to navigate the world of writing and publishing like a boss.

  • Modules 1 -2: The Writing Process: Audio teachings to get your book’s content out of your mind and onto paper in a step by step fashion, which for many is difficult. This is pivotal because you cannot become an Authorpreneur without a book.
  • Module 3: The Publishing Process – These audio teachings and tips prepare you for your publishing journey. The contents will help you to publish your book affordably without compromising quality. It breaks down and simplifies the publishing process, and contains an up-to-date budget friendly price guide to help you save thousands in the publishing process. It also includes mistakes to be avoided by first-time authors.

NOTE: In the Caribbean, the term Publisher does not necessarily refer to a traditional publisher but an individual or company that you pay to publish your book. Basically, it’s an individual or company that offers publishing services.

  • Modules 4-5 – Marketing & Authorpreneurship: These audio teachings give you the tips and tricks to help you with the next steps after becoming a published author. It will help you to learn to market and monetize your book like a boss. It shows you how to generate multiple streams of income from your book, and how you can use your book as a platform to transform many lives.

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