Book Formatting Made Easy Masterclass

When readers browse your book on Amazon, if the formatting is messy, they won’t buy your book.


  • Are you an author planning on publishing many books?
  • Are you seeking to learn a new skill to earn extra income?
  • Have you tried to format your book but messed it up?


If so, this course is just what you need. In 6 weeks, you will learn the simple steps to format your book properly using existing tools or software you already own, a textbook on Book Formatting and some bonus free tools.

COURSE AIM & BENEFIT: The main purpose of this course is to empower you, whether you are an author or not, to format your books properly.

You will learn and earn. Maximize the simple tools at your disposal. No need to buy expensive programs like Indesign or vellum.

As an author it will help you to publish cost-effectively in the long run. You can also offer this service to earn extra income.

This is not just an automated or on-demand course, you will get the human touch and guidance to get it right,

The goal of formatting is to look professional and make the content easy to read.

COURSE BEGINS: Thursday, February  25, 2021.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: A laptop with Microsoft Word installed on it.

BUT WHAT IF I AM NOT A TECHY: Yes, you can still do this course, we have templates and some simple guidelines you can follow to get it done. If after this class, you still want to outsource, at least you will know if the Layout Technician/Formatter/Interior Designer did a good job.

COURSE FORMAT: The course will be blended delivery (50% Live and 50% via pre-recorded video tutorials) and practice exercises. We will meet via Zoom for Live sessions, troubleshooting and practice.

Gain an extra skill. Save on publishing costs. Earn extra income helping authors to publish.

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