Publishing Courses

Enroll in these three courses to learn the secrets and essential skills to publish cost-effectively and win with non-fiction books

Book Publishing Made Easy Masterclass

In this 4-week course, discover the exact steps C. Ruth Taylor uses to publish her print and ebooks on Amazon and other platforms in a cost-effective manner. Get the book, "Publishing Secrets," several video tutorials and other materials to simplify the publishing process and take charge of your publishing for the long-haul. The course is self-paced with a 2-hour Live Q and A Session and 30 days of unlimited email access to get your publishing questions answered.

Book Formatting Made Easy Masterclass

In this 6-week course, discover the simple tools like Microsoft Word, and steps C. Ruth Taylor uses to properly format print and ebooks for herself and her clients. Learn this skill to save you thousands of dollars as an author if you write many books. You can also make money helping authors to format and publish their books. 50% of this course is delivered Live.


Book Marketing & Monetization Secrets

In this live-delivered 4-week masterclass, discover the steps C. Ruth Taylor uses to earn a full-time income with her books. Learn how you can earn US$1000 in 30 days with your book. The course comes with the ebook "Pen It to Win" + cheat sheet and 30 ways ways to increase your income with books.