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+ Do you want to learn how to create a Design to Win for your life and career so that you don't fall by the wayside after leaving High School?


+ Do you want to work in your preferred field of interest, find a fulfilling career and become financially stable within 5-10 years after leaving high school?


You need to learn about this new life and career compass, “Design to Win Road Map” which equips people with the steps and skills to win at life and career from early.

The Tale of Two School Leavers

John's Story

John is 23 years old. His family is struggling financially and can no longer support him. When John left high school six years ago, he did not have a long term plan for his future or know what he wanted to do with his life. Now he is unable to earn more than minimum wage because he has no skill or certification that can demand a higher paying salary.

In the last 5 years, John has held only one job which he did not keep for long because according to him it was too much work for too little pay. If John had a system or mentor preparing him for his next steps before leaving high school chances are six years later he would not just be beginning to figure out how to put the pieces of his life together.

At 23, John is trying to figure things out. He has enrolled in a short term training program sponsored by the government to get a skill that will help him to become employed or become an entrepreneur but even with government assistance, things are difficult. On some days he misses training because of his financial challenges.

Mark's Story

Mark is 22 years old. He had a clear sense of direction upon leaving high school and because his family had financial challenges, he enrolled in a subsidized diploma program that enabled him to get the training and certification required to get a decent salary doing something in which he has a great interest.

During his training program, Mark’s Career Development Officer mentored him well and together they created a Design to Win Road Map. He adopted good success habits, listened to his mentor and invested in his own personal development. By following his Design to Win Road Map, Mark knew exactly where he wanted to work –even before graduation! In fact, within 3 months of graduating, he was employed. What’s more, within a year he got a job promotion!

Today at age 22, he is financially stable and able to take care of himself and contribute to his family to alleviate their economic situation. He loves his job and the career path he has chosen. Because Mark made and followed the Design to Win Road Map, he is not the average youth. He now serves as a role model and inspiration to other youths. In fact, he is often invited to share his story with new students enrolling in the training program he did.


Unattached youths are defined as individuals 15-24 years who are not in school, not in work and not participating in any training course

In Jamaica according to a report from the HEART Trust/NTA on "Unattached Youths":

  • 68% of the unemployed youth and 65.5% of those outside the labour force completed grade 11.
  • 68% of the unemployed youth and 76 % of youth outside the labour force have no academic qualification.
  • Approximately 50% of those arrested due to involvement in crime and violence are males between the ages 12 and 25.

Let’s help our youth to thrive from early, within 5-10 years of leaving high school, rather than letting them struggle for survival or turn to crime!

The Design to Win Road Map Book


“The world is astonished when it meets someone who knows where they are going with their life; that is such a rare kind of strength.” – Dr. Richard Bolles, world-renowned career expert

This bestselling book, Design to Win Road Map can change that. It will help School-Leavers to be like Mark instead of John. This book provides the framework which counsellors, mentors, parents and teachers can use to help school-leavers get a clear sense of direction from early. It will help them to become financially stable and qualified to work in their preferred field of choice within 5-10 years of leaving high school despite the odds. The Design to Win Road Map will change everything!

Let’s not make life harder than it should be for our youths. Help them get it right early. Teach them to Design to Win, to become an inspiration and to astonish the world with their progress!

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"This book is a powerful tool...It is an excellent book for those planning to start a career and for those who are retooling and redesigning their career path. In fact, it is a great book for anyone who wants to win at life...I have taught career counselling for over twenty years, and this book is full of very practical insight and wisdom that I would recommend to anyone who wishes to win at career and win at life.  It provides excellent life-management strategies in order to help one cope with the vicissitudes of life including failure and rejection.  It promotes excellent time and money management skills. If your hope is to create a successful life and a winning career, this book is definitely for you!  Happy reading and happy implementing!"

- Faith Thomas,  Counselling Psychologist and Founder, Choose Life International

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Help School-Leavers and Young Adults to Win at Life and Career Within 5-10 Years after leaving high school.

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Give our School-Leavers the winning edge from early.

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Imagine how much our youths would astonish the world if they received guidance and mentoring for their personal life and career from early. Our Design to Win Road Map is the School-Leaver's guide to astonish the world with their progress from early.

In this book and course, they will learn: 

  1. -How to create a holistic career and life plan from early
  2. -Principles of financial independence from early.
  3. -How to discover their purpose from early and unlock their confidence.
  4. -Through the Art of Life-Hurdling how to deal with disappointments (setbacks, failure, rejection, heartbreak and other adversities).
  5. -How to unleash their God-given potential and greatness from early.

Let’s help our youth to thrive from early, within 5-10 years of leaving high school, rather than letting them struggle for survival or drift aimlessly through life.

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