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Jamaican Authorpreneurship expert, Cameka “Ruth” Taylor, a.k.a “The Rocket-Writer,” has been working with published and aspiring authors since 2014, to write and publish their books to achieve their God-given mission and their personal and financial goals.  See answers below to the most frequently asked questions. 

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Ruth is an Amazon bestselling author of over 21 books and has coached several Caribbean authors to become Amazon bestselling authors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does “Indie” mean?

Ans. “Indie” is short for “Independent [Author];” in the publishing industry, it refers to an author who is (1) in charge of the entire publishing process from start to finish and (2) is not under contract to nor working with a professional publisher. Such authors will pay the money for the services and be responsible for marketing, distribution and sale of their books. “Indies” also work alongside contracted professionals to get the job done.

  • Who is an Indie Author?

Ans. Independent authors are the creative directors of their book publishing from start (first draft) to finish (the published book for sale). An indie author makes partnerships that help deliver the best possible book to the greatest number of possible readers, trade publishers included.

  • Who is an Authorpreneur?

Ans. The term is a combination of the words “author” and “entrepreneur.” It refers to an author who builds a business or creates products and services based on their books for impact and income.

  • What is a blurb?

Ans. Originated in the USA publishing industry (late 1930s or early 1940s) as slang for an endorsement excerpt (of a quote) on the front and/or back cover. It is now used by Indies to refer to all back cover textual content as a whole. The four possible parts of back cover text in standard order are: 1) headline, 2) synopsis, 3) “blurb(s),” and/or 4) author’s micro-biography, usually 256 characters or less.

Note: it is now common to place full endorsements in the book’s Front Matter.

  • How do I purchase an ISBN?

Ans. You can purchase one from Bowker, CARICOM, your national library or other resellers.

  • Should I take the Free KDP ISBN?

Ans. It depends. If you want to see your own publishing company’s name (imprint) listed as the publisher, then you need to [pre]purchase and use your own registered ISBN acquired through, Caricom, country ‘s national library etc. ISBNs are free in Canada. Free ISBNS from retailers like Amazon cannot be used elsewhere.

  • How many words should I write?

Ans. This depends on the kind of book you are writing. The average book size for trade publishers is 60-80,000 words. I prefer to write smaller books between 15,000 and 35,000 words. My first book was over 65,000 words.

  • How do I write a book?

Ans. Get a free copy of The Rocket-Writer or purchase the Start Your Book Now course or the book Authorpreneur Secret$ and the process will be explained as it relates to writing non-fiction books.

  • What are the steps to publish?

Ans. Get the Free Publishing Starter Kit or the Authorpreneur Secret$ book. Watch or listen to episode 4 of The Authorpreneur Secrets Podcast which answers this question. Click here Steps include editing, proofreading, cover designing and book formatting.

  • How do I print affordably?

Ans. One way is to print as your pocket can afford through your Amazon KDP account by ordering author copies. These are usually at a subsidized price. Another way is to form a deal with a local printer or get sponsorship.

  • Can I set up a KDP account without a credit card?

Ans. Yes. You can still establish a KDP account and have someone with a credit card purchase on your behalf.

  • How do I get funds from Amazon?

Ans. You can request payment by cheque or by getting a Payoneer card. Contact Payoneer, create an account and align it with Amazon account. There is also a direct deposit option (for some countries), if you provide bank account and routing numbers. If possible, use a Savings Account and personally transfer funds later to your checking account. Avoid using a checking account in online deposit interfaces; contact Amazon for more information.

  • How can I order books from Amazon/KDP?

Ans. Go to your KDP account, look for your paperback book and across from it will be “Order Author Copies” or see the ellipsis (three dots) beside your paperback book and scroll to “Request Author Copies.” Then make your order by following the instructions to purchase.

  • What if I don’t own a credit card?

Ans. Ask someone with a card to help you order books or to do your transactions online. 

  • How do I know how many books I have sold online?

Ans. Look in your KDP account. You can check under “Reports.” Usually, they also send per month updates to your email address entered when you set up your KDP account. Other self-publishing portals have something similar.

  • Are there other publishing platforms besides Amazon/KDP?

Ans. Yes. Some of them are Lulu, IngramSpark, Kobo, Nook, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, etc. Also look at Draft2Digital for easy one-stop distribution to these and others, such as Apple, though this service will take a small percentage of profits before passing the residual to you. Do a Google search or try YouTube to find them.

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C. Ruth Taylor |Bestselling Author and Authorpreneurship Specialist

Jamaican Authorpreneurship expert, Cameka “Ruth” Taylor, a.k.a “The Rocket-Writer,” works with published and aspiring authors to write and publish their books to achieve their God-given mission and their personal and financial goals. She is an Amazon bestselling author of 21 books and has coached several Caribbean authors to become Amazon bestselling authors.

Ruth is the Creator of the Authorpreneur Secrets Academy with a mission to raise up 10,000 winning Caribbean Authorpreneurs by 2030. She hosted the first Caribbean Authorpreneur Live Summit on January 21-23, 2021, and launched her Authorpreneur Secret$ Podcast as part of that vision. Ruth is a lover of animals and has a 10-year-old cat, Tia.

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