Design to Win Broadcast


The Design to Win Broadcast is all about giving you the secrets to win with non-fiction books and the keys to win in your life and career. It is aired weekly on YouTube on Fridays and Facebook Wednesdays - Fridays at 7a.m. on C. Ruth Taylor's Author page.

See links below for the different episodes.

Episode #1: How I Became an Authorpreneur

Episode #2: 10 Tips to Bring Your Plan to Life

Episode #03: 5 Reasons You Should Write it Down. Pen it to Win

Episode #04: FAQs #1:Who is An Indie? 

Episode #05: Are You Really Ready to Publish. Your Pre-Publishing Checklist

Episode #06: 7 Secrets to Publish Your Book in 14-30 Days

Episode #07: 7 Secrets to Write a Book in 30 Days

Episode #08: 7 Secrets to Publish Affordably

Episode #09: Great Achievements, Small Beginnings

Episode #10: Run Your Own Race to Win

Episode #11: How to Make Your Life Count

Episode #12: Why School-Leavers Need a Design to Win

Episode #13: How to Confidently Write Your Book

Episode #14: How to Overcome the Fear of Putting Your Work Out There

Episode #15: Traditional vs. Indie Publishing - Which Option is Right For You?

Episode #16: Writing for An Audience

Episode #17: My Writing Fast Story

Episode #18: How to Write a Purpose-Driven Book

Episode #19: Keys to Live an Abundant Life (Interview)

Episode #20: Imagine Big to Win



Authorpreneur Stories

Interviews and stories of Caribbean authors who successfully self-published and are creating income and impact from their books.

Story #1: A Jamaican Retiree Who Published Her Book for US$150.00

Story #2: Paul Blake: Author and Abundant Life Coach